Rich is always getting his hands dirty. Literally and figuratively. If he’s not shooting a music video, spot or tv show for huge brands he’s rebuilding some part his house, building drones, computers, tinkering with 3d printing or experimenting with augmented reality and Ai. He has twin 7 year old daughters that seem to have inherited his insatiable desire to create. The one thing he can’t create, but would love to, is a beard (genetic defect), so he Photoshops them onto himself. 


Rich Lee


Justin Diener


Justin is well respected as the best looking partner of Scenic Drive. Adding brains to his brawn, he has over a decade of  experience as a producer to some of the world’s most sought after talent. Having transitioned from line producer to EP, Justin has a demonstrated history of performing across multiple verticals within the entertainment industry with a strong background in live action and post production for global branded content, digital media, commercials, music videos, XR, and immersive experience.


Louise Lee


Louise has been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years, supervising previs teams for movies - the Amazing Spider-Man, I Am Legend, and the Hunger Games, just to name a few. She and Rich have also done the post work on countless music videos and spots. Even with the intense pressure of work she is still able to juggle being a mom to twin girls. She’s from Boston. Yale grad. Wicked smaaht. Gets hives when she’s nervous. Doesn’t put her laundry in the hamper. 


Ned Brown


Ned really gets around. Has worked with and knows most people in this town. Everyone loves Ned and he is just plain great at making connections. Huge heart, great hair, strong jaw. We like when he wears bow ties to the office which isn’t often enough.